Recent projects:

  • Revamp of the PCS7 control system of a feed production plant.  New S7 control system with complete virtualisation, interface with MES-application.
  • Exchange of hammermill with rollermill and pre-cleaning.
  • Relocation of a steam boiler
  • New high tension distribution of a production plant with 4 transformers
  • Commissioning of packing line (bagging, case packing, stacking and wrapping)
  • Installation of a liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Green field PU-production line
  • Sawing and rebating line for PU-insulation panels
  • Ice water preparation with mixing circuits
  • Liquid unloading, storage and dosing
  • Pentage unloading, storage and dosing
  • Blending system with dosing of >20 liquid components
  • Electrical pre-engineering of MDF, PB and OSB production lines.
  • Installation, commissioning en service on gas flaring systems

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